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REPAIR YOUR LIFE! We challenge qualified negative accounts on your credit report and will repair your financial situation in approximately 6 months. Just call to make an appointment to see us or call to set a phone credit repair appointment for your convenience.



214-232-4300 (DFW)

915-234-8779 (El Paso) or





Credit Repair is another debt-relief solution. Boosting your credit can help you qualify for a new house, car, or job. CREDIT BOOSTERS' qualified staff will sit with you, review your most recent credit report, and make recommendations of which negative items to dispute in accordance with Section 611 “Procedure in Case of Disputed Accuracy” of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Public Law No. 91-508 in order to improve your credit score.

Call 214-232-4300 (DFW), 915-234-8779 (El Paso), or 575-323-1811 (Las Cruces) for a free consultation today or e-
mail us at:





Having professional representation allows you to achieve expedited Credit Repair generally in 6 months. Every case is different, so it is possible to restore credit in less than 6 months as well as later depending on individual circumstances. On your behalf, CREDIT BOOSTERS will challenge collections, charge-offs, late payments, settlements, and inquiries. If we have to, we will not hesitate to recommend filing suit against your creditors at their expense. Our price is competitive and is not extended over 3 to 5 years, as is the industry standard. This results in our ability to help hard-working and deserving people improve their credit scores. Higher credit scores help you to qualify for a home mortgage, a new car or improve your chances of getting that new job. Generally, better credit scores mean paying lower interest rates.




Your credit can only be improved if we work together as a team. As your credit repair process is proceeding, we will guide you along the way with credit guidelines and recommendations to achieve the best results. We look forward to assisting you to improve your credit now for an amazing flat rate, with no hidden or additional costs. (Ask us about our Couples Discount).


CREDIT BOOSTERS is bonded and an officially-registered Credit Service Organization with the State of Texas, File Number: 20150075.


OSCAR GONZALEZ and BONNIE ALVAREZ have been certified as Board Certified Credit Consultants, Certified Credit Repair Specialists, Certified Credit Score Consultants, and FCRA Certified Specialists by the CREDIT CONSULTANTS ASSOCIATION.

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"I'm very, very happy on the amount of work that Oscar put into our situation, Oscar showed his professionalism and put us at ease. . ."
--Fernando Hernandez
"I appreciated Oscar's strategy and great customer service.  My wife and I were really happy with the outcome of the entire process.  I strongly recommend Oscar to my friends and family and whoever requires credit repair......Thank You Credit Boosters !!!!"
--John R. from Yelp
"Very helpful and overall great explaining at the details of the entire process of repairing my credit. I am very excited about how they were able to assist me. Thanks Credit Boosters!"
--Novio D. from
"Helped me out a lot!! Very professional, answered all my questions and the results were fantastic. I would recommend this to friends and family!"
--Jose Campos from Google Review
"Oscar was understandable and really guided me in the right direction. He was very knowledgeable. My wife and I were happy with the results."
--Marcus McCoy from Google Review
"My husband and I really like CREDIT BOOSTERS because we found the help that we needed. Bonnie really explained to us in detail the process."
--Miriamcita from
"The results were amazing!!! Bonnie was able to help my husband and I fix our credit. If that wasn't awesome enough it was extremely affordable. I would recommend Oscar and Bonnie to all my friends and family."
--Macie L. from Yelp
"Credit Boosters is outstanding! Oscar took care of me and my family. He helped remove negative items from my credit report and improve my FICO score. This allowed us to purchase my first home!!! The best part of all this was the awesome service with the affordable price! Thanks Oscar!!!"
--Marybelle Apuan from Google Review
"I absolutely recommend this company for any credit assistance you may need. Staff is very friendly and a great help in assisting me and my spouse in repairing our credit."
--Claudia Raya-Martinez from Google Review
"It is amazing how Credit Boosters helped in fixing my numbers, they were professional and very courteous to my needs."
--Jaime Q. from Yelp
"Overall great experience. The staff was very knowledgeable and answered all questions I had, also while informing me on information that I did not know about. I will be recommending this company to family and friends. Thank you, Credit Boosters."
--Will R. from
"In a couple of months I was able to buy my house thanks to Oscar and Bonnie. It was a good experience and highly recommend Credit Boosters to my friends and family."
--Beto M. from Yelp
"I appreciate Oscar and Bonnie so much. They did a great job with my credit repair. I have recommended them to all my family and friends."
--Erika from
"I was very happy with the service and guidance this company provided. Oscar gives you a personal one-on-one experience and puts you on the right path for a better credit score. Wonderful results with an inexpensive price!"
--Nancy G. from
"I really enjoyed the personal and professional service I received with this company. The cheap price with the wonderful results helped my family buy our first house! I strongly recommend this credit repair company."
--Sandra from
"I was very impressed with the attention and strategy the Credit Boosters team gave me. Oscar and Bonnie were always a text or phone call away for any questions I had during the process. I was very pleased with the results and feel I have a firm grasp on my credit situation. I strongly recommend this company."
--Laura D. from
"I needed help fixing my credit to buy a new house. My realtor told me to contact credit boosters. Oscar was a big help and the results were great. I strongly recommend credit boosters to anyone who wants to (buy) their first house!!"
--Gerardo Hernandez from Google Review
"I really enjoyed how credit boosters explained the process to me and at a great price it also got me great results!"
--Itzy Stanzel from Google Review
"A mi y a mi esposo nos gusto mucho como Oscar nos explico el preceso, y los resultados muy profecionales. Lo recomiendo a todos."
--Olga Rodriguez from Google Review
"Customer service was great. Bonnie was also a great help! She explained everything in a matter where it was easily understood. The service was also very affordable! I highly recommend their services!!"
--Evaly Harris from Google Review
"Great service and successful outcome! Oscar was very helpful and worked with my budget. Definitely recommend this place to others!"
--Daniela N from Google Review
"this experience was much that I expected, this credit repair company is amazing, tell all your friends and the El Paso community should take advantage of this service"
--Israel Porras from Google Review
"Just as the name implies, Credit Boosters-Affordable Credit Repair offers an economically friendly service that caters to those who need professional, friendly help in improving their credit score. I recommend calling Oscar."
--Philip Lee from Google Review
"Oscar is so helpful"
--Norma Morales Castro from Facebook
"Great customer service and very knowledgeable. Helped me to buy my new house. I recommend Credit Boosters services to anyone that needs help with credit repair."
--Flo Spencer from Google Review
"I enjoyed the experience the results were amazing. Oscar was very helpful and polite. I recommend this company to everyone."
--Yosi None from Google Review
"It was a great experience, no pressure and gave me peace of mind"
--Narvell Amey from Google Review
"Extremely helpful!!!"
--Claudia Simental from Facebook
"Gave me some great assistance, very professional service and made it completely understandable. Would recommend Credit Boosters to all my friends and family."
--Ernie Aguilar from Google Review
"Bonnie was very helpful and very nice. She was able to help my fiancé and I comprehend everything that was going on with starting our credit, amazing and very helpful tips."
--ayulissa1997 from
"Awesome service, great experience and affordable price! Highly recommend!!"
--peke p from Google Review
"Oscar helped me a great deal! After constant refusals because of my credit, I can now be proud of my credit scores due to his business. I have referred him to my family and friends since he is affordable and has been able to help."
--Espie Otero from Google Review
"Bonnie was great, she was very informative. Its the best investment my husband and I have made to fix our credit. The price is very cheap and totally recommend to everyone. Its nice to see people that actually care about you and not try to take an arm and a leg. Next step is getting our new home!!!! Thank you CREDIT BOOSTERS!"
--Bonnie T. from
"Best customer service. They made the process really easy and affordable. Credit Boosters is the best company to use if you are trying to fix your credit to get your home."
--Beatriz Saucedo from Google Review
"I have experienced hardships- like everyone in life- that took a toll on my personal credit, to the point where I assumed it would be incredibly difficult to get under control. As I worked closely with (Credit Boosters) I began to see the positive results. There is much to learn and understand, however, the process allows you to become more knowledgeable allowing you to take charge of your future. Recommending this company and its services is an understatement!"
--Eduardo Alvarado from Facebook
"My visit to Credit Boosters was Amazing. Oscar was able to help me understand the process so easily. They were able to get me qualified for my new home. He made sure that any questions I had were answered. Highly recommend for anyone who needs help with their credit."
--freddiea210 from
"Bonnie was very helpful and very polite. She explained the process well and i was really surprised with the results. I also appreciated the affordable price!!"
--Bianca Montoya from Google Review
"Oscar was very patient at explaining the process for credit repair. Great service, will definitely recommend to friends!"
--Valeria Valencia from Google Review
"Si tienes que confiar en alguien que entienda tus necesidades para cuidar de tu crédito el es Oscar.... El mejor trato de la Ciudad. Oscar te ayuda a reparar tu crédito. El me ayudo a improvisar la calidad en mi crédito. Gracias Oscar!!!!"
--Virginia Espinoza from Facebook
"I was really in need to fix my credit after going through rough times with my financial struggle. After doing research I was greatly embraced by the associates when i got to meet them in person. After they helped I felt like a real person and took away my embarrassment of having bad credit. they tailored my results to best help me and my family."
--Edgar Munoz from Google Review
"I really appreciated how Oscar explained the process of credit repair. When ever i needed to contact him he was a text away. Great Prices! Excellent first class treatment!"
--Alex Aguirre from Google Review
"I had a great experience with Oscar! The process went smoothly and was very affordable. After working with him for six months my credit is at great standing, and I now have my first home all thanks to Oscar and Credit Boosters. Highly recommended!"
Reggio --Rhivers from Google Review
"I was extremely impressed with Credit Boosters. I was given exceptional customer service in the assistance with helping me increase my credit score. Thank you Oscar for your help. I will highly recommend this service for anyone who wants to repair their credit."
--Monica Briceno from Google Review
"I very much recommend this place. The price is affordable and the process was thoroughly explained. Credit boosters is awesome!"
--Alex Flores from Google Review
"Thank you Oscar for helping my credit at a great price... I was able to get a new car in a few months after following his easy instructions."
--Evette Beard from Google Review
"Oscar was a great person to work with. He was very friendly and professional. He explained the process thoroughly and the process was smooth. He also helped me obtain a better score that lead to my family's new home. For anyone trying to refinance or purchase their house, this is the place to go. Highly recommend it!"
--Paula Rodriguez from Google Review
"Credit Boosters was very awesome, Oscar prepared me during the entire situation did an amazing job helping me fix my credit. I can proudly say that I own my very first house. Thank you so much for all the great help and customer service."
--Emma Soto from Google Review
"Credit Boosters! I highly recommend Bonnie, she is very friendly and knowledgeable and I felt like she really cared about my situation, and they have the best prices in town!"
cindy --lizette by b from Google Review
"Bonnie was very friendly and helpful, I liked how she explained the whole process giving me great tips about my credit. I was available to get a car and I would recommend her and encourage everyone to go with her."
--Abril Favila from Google Review
"Oscar was such a great help and informative of all the services available. He provides amazing customer service and my credit has improved so much! I was trying to get a car for so long and thanks to his business, I was able to get my credit to where I needed it to be to get approved in no time. After going to Credit Boosters, I have been placed into such a better financial standing! Thanks Oscar and Credit Boosters for all the great customer service and amazing experience!!!! You guys are amazing!"
--Joan Yi from Google Review
"Oscar was amazing in fixing my husband's and my credit. We were able to finally purchase a home for our family."
--desere franco from Google Review
"Oscar was very helpful. I couldn't get a new car until I went with them and they helped me work on my credit to be able to qualify for a car. I really recommend this company to everyone!!!!!!! Thank you Oscar you are awesome 😊"
--Angelica Nixon from Google Review
"I was worried about my credit score to buy a house, when Oscar help explain things to me and helped me buy a house. I would recommend credit boosters to anyone who is struggling with their credit."
--Jonathan Lopez from Google Review
"I like the way Oscar took care of me and my boyfriend when we were trying to buy a car. He was always there for us and we greatly appreciated the price and results!"
--Ashley Diaz from Facebook
"Bonnie is a great person I loved dealing with her she made the whole thing effortless. I recommend this service for credit repair it is the best in El Paso and extremely affordable."
--Brenda Soto from Google Review
"Óscar was really helpful when it came to answering questions regarding my credit score. He was always available when I had questions and now I’m on my way to buying my own house!!"
--Sylvia Montoya from Google Review
"I am extremely happy for my family and friends, who live in Las Cruces, that Credit Boosters has opened a location near them! Bonnie is great at explaining the process of how to establish your credit and get you back on the right track. I am grateful for her services, she has done wonders to help me buy my house! I encourage the people of Las Cruces to invest some time with this company if you are looking to improve or repair your credit. I strongly recommend this company! Thank you Credit Boosters!"
--Heaven Moreno from Google Review
"Fui muy amable, me ayudó con preguntas, aparte de eso es una persona honesta que es difícil de encontrar en estos medios. Gracias por su ayuda."
--Nutrioo from Google Review
"I strongly recommend this credit repair company. Besides offering an inexpensive flat rate, Bonnie made the process personal yet professional. She made the entire experience seamless and was always a text away for any questions I had. Thanks to Credit Boosters I was able to avoid filing a bankruptcy."
--Oscar Rojero from Google Review
"Called and Oscar Answered my questions and set up a consultation and can’t wait to fix my credit :)!"
--Torie Martinez from Google Review
"oscar is amazing. I recommend all my clients to go with him."
--Valerie Galvan (Texas Realtor) from Facebook
"Called and Oscar Answered my questions and set up a consultation and can’t wait to fix my credit :)!"
--Torie Martinez from Google Review
"Excellent service, I highly recommend this company. Inexpensive and professional!"
--Karla Cuevas from Google Review
"Bonnie explained the process well and was readily available if I ever had any questions. I appreciated her efforts and attention to detail. The plan the company set me with allowed my credit to improve 75 points. The credit dispute and education strategies were excellent and easy to follow. I strongly recommend Credit Boosters."
--David Williams from Google Review
"Outstanding service!!! Thank you for everything. Highly recommend!!!"
--John Mendoza from Google Review
"Great service! She explained the process well with a individualized plan to follow during the process. Thank you for always being there for me Bonnie!"
--Leslie Anaya from Google Review
"I really loved the way this company approached my situation. from the beginning in meeting face to face with the credit repair specialist herself and not some receptionist, to her explaining the strategy and process for me, and finally, in improving my score which I thought was unfixable. Thank you for everything Credit Boosters!"
--Matthew Garcia from Google Review
"I was pleased with the efforts from Credit Boosters. I wasn't sure if my credit could be fixed, but was more confident with their approach and explanation of the process. I also appreciated they didn't charge me an arm an a leg and were willing to meet with me late in the evening."
--Ashley L. Sanchez from Google Review
  "My Realtor suggested I go to Credit Boosters. Oscar was excellent in explaining the process and the price was great! I highly recommend this credit repair company."
--David Oaxaca from Facebook
"Bonnie was awesome and very knowledgeable. She made it very easy in the process of starting my credit repair!! Highly recommend"
--Joe Holguin from Google Review
"Took a little longer than I thought, but the results were well worth it :)"
--Ellen Aguilera from Google Review
"Wonderful outcome with a fantastic price"
--John Dominguez from Google Review
"GREAT RESULTS! GREAT PRICE! Strongly recommend this credit repair company!"
--Jason Taylor from Google Review
"Outstanding results with a personal face to face care from a certified professional. Highly recommend!"
--Jennifer Wilkins from Google Review
"Phenomenal results I highly recommend them. I was able to get a brand new truck and I’m stationed outta town. Flat rate, and the friendliest most encouraging people skills I have encountered. I have a few friends and a cousin recommended to credit boosters. Thank you again!!!"
--Edward Marquez from Google Review
"Great customer service, they answer all my questions, highly recommended"
--Judy Ferrales from Google Review






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1990 EAST Lohman AveNUE, Las Cruces, NM 88001





















































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